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Work Experience

Work experience gives you a chance to try out jobs before reaching a long term decision. You get an insight into the pace and pressures of a typical work day, and an understanding of the range of skills and qualities needed.

Your school will usually organise a work experience placement for you but you will be involved in deciding what sort of area you'd like to spend your placement in, and what you'd like to achieve during your time there.

Think about the subjects that you're studying and the sort of career you would like to follow in the future. Then see if your school already has links with a company that closely matches your needs. If they don't, they may be able to set up new links with a company - but this takes time, so make sure you mention it early on when you're planning your placement.

If you want any extra advice - or you'd like to discuss exactly what happens during a placement - talk to a careers teacher or adviser or visit the Trident Trust's placement survival guide.

If you are under 16 and want to work, download a copy of our guide to finding part-time work.

Ask at school about the work experience programme offered in Year 10, or chat to a Youth Adviser if you think you'd benefit from longer term work experience whilst you are at school.

Placement Survival Guide is a Health & Safety website designed to raise students' awareness before starting work experience whilst allowing teachers to track the progress of their students.

STEP offers work experience for undergraduates.

Apex Trust offers work experience opportunities for ex-offenders.

Disability Toolkits gives information on work experience for students with a disability.

Part-time jobs

As well as giving you the chance to earn some money they can also give you the chance to develop the key skills required by employers. Check out the Looking For Work page for hints & tips on finding a part-time job. Remember that skills you develop in a part time job can be included on your CV.

If you are a student at Portsmouth University, visit the Purple Door for part-time, temporary and full-time work experience career opportunities.

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